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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Midweek Writing Challenge: Costume Party

You plan to attend a Halloween party and the host has asked you to come dressed as a character from one of your favorite books. When you arrive at the party, you are shocked by what you see.  The goal is to respond to this writing prompt in 500 words or less. 

“Oh, Gwen, look at this!” Leah gasped, hurrying over to a mannequin wearing vintage khakis and a blue pullover sweater.  “This screams ‘Ellie the Photographer’!”
“Yeah, but where am I going to get her Lecia camera?"
“We can make one.  All we need is cardboard, markers, glue and a little imagination.”
“I don’t know, Leah.  I’m starting to have second thoughts about this party.  I don’t really celebrate Halloween.”
Leah rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, you’ve told me that.  But this is a costume party.  And not just any costume party – it’s a book nerd’s dream come true!  For once in your life, you get to be the heroine from your favorite book series ‘The Zion Chronicles’!  You can’t back out of this!”
I rummaged through the different sizes on the display table and picked out a medium-sized sweater and size eight khakis.  I shot Leah a resigned look.  “Okay, okay, I’m buying them.”
“And I’m going to the costume party.”
Leah patted my back.  “Good girl.  Now we need some hair dye.”
“Hair dye?”
“Doesn’t Ellie have red hair?”
I sighed and followed Leah to the checkout counter.  “Let’s make that temporary hair dye.”  This party better be worth it.
The night of the costume party arrived.  I scrutinized my new red hair in the full-length mirror, actually feeling excited.  The vintage sweater and khakis looked great.  I made a circle in front of the mirror.  It doesn’t look costumey enough.  Oh, well.  It’s too late to change my mind now. 
Leah honked her car horn outside.
As I was saying.  I grabbed my cardboard Lecia, on which I had attached a real camera lens, and left the house. 
“Come on, come on!”  Leah urged as I opened the passenger door of her Honda Civic.  “This is one party we don’t want to be late for.”
I took my seat and closed the car door, smiling at her lace-edged red dress and red lipstick.  “I don’t think that Emerald from ‘The Buccaneers’ series would have worn rouge.”
Leah shrugged and started the car.  “She does now.”
Ten minutes later, we turned onto Chance Lane and pulled up in front of the fourth house on the left.  The street was already a parking lot.  Butterflies danced in my stomach as we climbed out of the car and headed for the front door.
Leah rang the door bell.
The front door opened.
I gasped.  There before me stood a handsome man wearing a leather flight jacket.  Ellie’s David!  There he was in front of us, as if he had just stepped out of “The Return to Zion”!  But no…it was only a book.  This guy only looked like the character I had created in my head.
“Please, come in,” the man said, stepping aside. 
We entered the house, and the man kept staring at me.  Finally, he held out his hand.  “Hi, I’m David.”
I smiled and shyly took his hand.  “Ellie.”


Shannon Milholland said...

Love this. What a fun little short story!

Gwendolyn Gage said...

Thanks Shannon! I was a stretch for me - I don't usually write contemperary stories written in the first person. :-) I'm glad you liked it!

Malia said...

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